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To make an online donation or set up a recurrent donation (you can set the frequency and amount!) click here.

Become one of our CHAMPIONS
Our Champions are a passionate group of people who have joined our children in their fight against Nodding Syndrome. With their ongoing support and powerful voices, Champions are committing to their belief that no child with Nodding Syndrome should be forgotten. Join them today!

Fund-raise for HOPE FOR HUMANS
We need your talent, resources, and ability to help spread awareness about the Nodding Syndrome crisis and raise funds to help fight to find a cure. Here are some ideas to start getting your creative juices flowing! Download Here (PDF)

Need some resources for your next event? Click Here to download Volunteer resources.

Employer Matching Programs
Many employers will match charitable donations made by their employees. If your company has such a program, or is willing to offer one, send your donation with any required forms and we will submit any needed documentation. Thank you!

Donate Stock
To donate stock, please contact Hope for Humans at (210) 614-6667 or by emailing admin@hopeforhumans.org. Your broker can quickly do this electronically but please be sure to contact us as electronic transfers do not include your name—we’ll want to thank you and send you a tax deduction letter.

Share the word
In addition to financial support, please share our story with your personal and professional networks and through social media. By putting our networks to work, we can create a global momentum to build more Care Centers and build them faster!Share this website with a friend (click here).