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Connecting the dots: Nodding Syndrome? Never heard of it.

Posted on: January 7th, 2016 by Hope For Humans No Comments

The business operations of a non-profit is a beautiful, giving, and challenging endeavor. It is (in our case) birthed from the desire to give to those, not only in need but despair. Our founder Dr. Suzanne Gazda made caring for children with Nodding Syndrome (NS) and discovered its mysteries her life goal. Upon the realization of her dream in 2012, she started Hope for Humans.

In 2011-2012, Dr. Gazda completed multiple trips with her daughters to Uganda. During those trips, Dr. Gazda saw first-hand the struggles and injustices the children, families and communities, who are afflicted with NS, experience. NS afflicted children and their communities impacted Dr. Gazda at her core. Her experiences developed into a passion, which created Hope for Humans and Dr. Gazda’s life-changing experiences live on today. She knew she could not stop here and began searching for others passionate about this same cause.
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A non-profit requires more than one person with a vision; it requires many people who are passionate about the mission of the organization. Passionate, compassionate and mission-driven people work or fund programs to achieve the organization’s strategic plan. Finding this group of people is vital for the sustainability of an organization, a goal Hope for Humans is always working towards. However, Hope for Humans struggles to create this passion in someone who has never heard of NS.

Other non-profits face challenges when searching for partners, but many have an established connection which draws people to the organization’s mission. For instance, if a non-profit focuses on funding after school programs they will find it easier to explain the importance of these programs because many people have been directly affected by these programs or know someone who has. In other words, the nonprofit already has an established connection.

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Nodding Syndrome is largely unknown across the world. Hope for Humans faces a larger challenge in not only needing to find partners, but creating awareness as to what it is Hope for Humans does, and why our programs are relevant. The majority of people have never heard of Nodding Syndrome and are unaware of its devastating consequences. People do not know NS causes children to waste away, be tied to trees, and burn in fires. Hope for Humans is not just challenged with explaining what we do, but also helping people recognize why NS is so essential and most importantly the desire to communicate to the world why should one care about these children’s lives and the injustices. Without this frame of reference, words do not have the impact that normally otherwise would.

Hope for Humans believes it comes down to connecting the dots, making a connection between children in Uganda to the business person in the USA, the dad in the UK, and the college student studying in Canada. This connection will be on shared ground, founded between these people from very different backgrounds. Maybe this connection is a special needs family member (children with Nodding Syndrome are considered special needs), perhaps they too have experienced a neurological issue in their life, maybe they have been a medical researcher, or maybe people have volunteered at a children’s health clinic. Whatever the reason is, Hope for Humans is broadening its scope by communicating and educating people about Nodding Syndrome, demonstrating how our programs are effective, and sharing how our operations allows people from around the world to connect with the NS afflicted children, families, communities.

Hope for Humans delivers hope to NS afflicted communities. We ask you, our potential partner, if you believe in caring for special needs children, providing education to underserved children, providing access to healthcare to children, research for understanding a medical mystery, and/or providing care for children with a neurological disease to support Hope for Humans, because this is what we do every week, and we would like you to be part of our team of passionate, compassionate and mission-driven people.
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Join our CHAMPIONS Team today!

STEP 1: Go to this page of our Website – hopeforhumans.org/donations

STEP 2: Provide your information and select the checkbox for ‘Join the CHAMPIONS TEAM by making this a monthly donation!’

STEP 3: You’ll start receiving personal updates from our kids on a regular basis!

STEP 4: Know that you are a Champion in the eyes of our kids! For that commitment, we are grateful!

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