Recently, our Board of Directors made the difficult decision to dissolve Hope for Humans. As you can imagine, this decision was rooted in much consideration, preparation, and prayer. We are eternally grateful for your ongoing support and love for the organization, the children we serve, and our leadership. During this process, we have reflected on how different the lives of children suffering with Nodding Syndrome would have been had you, or supporters, not been by their side. Please know, that we can confidently conclude this journey because you have stood with us so strongly. Each person who supported the children is a great part of the legacy of Hope for Humans – the only organization who is dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of kids with Nodding Syndrome in Africa.

Thankfully at this time, many of the children we are serving are thriving. In addition, many of our children are now living productive lives to where they have been mainstreamed back into a public school or job. Children we are receiving therapy and medicine from our staff in Uganda will continue to do so through dedicated citizens in the community. We want you to know that any remaining financial contributions in our possession will be used for the intended purpose. A robust reporting structure will remain intact for the remainder of the year to ensure that funds have been wisely distributed.

So, today we can celebrate! Because of your support, these and many other accomplishments have been made. Most of all, we want you to know your generosity radically changed many lives of many in Northern Uganda. On behalf of the NS afflicted communities, Hope for Humans thanks you. We are deeply grateful. If you wish to continue supporting work in the region by investing in the lives of children living with Nodding Syndrome, we recommend you contact Women of Pader. If you have any questions please email us by using the button below.